Ninh Thuan upland grapefruit upland will be officially exported to the US

Ninh Thuan upland grapefruit upland will be officially exported to the US
Date Submitted: 20/06/2023 01:40 PM

Bưởi miền núi Phước Bình được Bộ Nông nghiệp Hoa Kỳ phê duyệt đủ điều kiện xuất khẩu sang thị trường nước này, trong thời gian tới - Ảnh: DUY NGỌC

On June 1, Mr. Dang Kim Cuong - Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ninh Thuan province - said that this grapefruit growing area has been granted a code by the US Department of Agriculture, with an area of 23ha, which has come into force. from June 22 to here.

"Grapefruit is the first agricultural product in Ninh Thuan approved and granted a planting area code" - Mr. Cuong informed.

The Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that Ninh Thuan Plant Protection and Cultivation Sub-Department monitors to ensure that the planting area always maintains compliance with the regulations of the importing country.

In particular, it is necessary to check the reality and send the monitoring report to the department within 90 days, before the next harvest to serve as a basis for maintaining the code.

Mr. Pham Dung - Director of the Sub-department of Cultivation and Plant Protection of Ninh Thuan province - said that the planting area code is an identifier code for a growing area, in order to monitor and control the production and control situation. product quality, traceability of crop products.

"The construction and establishment of the planting area code will be a "passport" for agricultural products to be exported through official channels," Dung said.

According to Mr. Vo Khanh Khang - Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Bac Ai district, Phuoc Binh commune has very suitable climate and soil conditions for growing green-skinned pomelo and this is considered a key crop of Vietnam. current local.

Currently, the whole district of Bac Ai has 236ha of pomelos planted, of which Phuoc Binh commune has 192ha.

In the past time, Phuoc Binh commune has guided people to take measures to improve the care of green-skinned pomelos in the direction of clean agricultural production.

Mr. Khanh said: "Phuoc Binh pomelo was granted the code of the official export growing area to the US, showing the efforts of the people of Phuoc Binh and the province's agricultural industry. Thereby, creating more motivation to open the direction for the products. Other typical agricultural products of Ninh Thuan penetrate the world market".

Source: tuoitreonline. June 1, 2023

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