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DAI HUNG PHAT EXCHANGE TRANSPORT AND TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY is an expert in handling international agricultural commodity import and supply to local distribution needs.

With extensive experience in the trading of agricultural products, we are confident to bring absolute satisfaction to our partners and customers. Dai Hung Phat is currently one of the main distribution partners of agricultural products such as coffee, macadamia nuts... to major partners nationwide.

Dai Hung Phat takes great pride in being the area's most dependable and wholesome service provider for trading agricultural goods. Clients can expect a streamlined process, cost-effectiveness, guaranteed product hygiene and safety when working with Dai Hung Phat.

Every chance we get to work with partners and customers is always appreciated. Therefore, in order to provide clients with more value and better service, our staff is constantly ready to study, advance its expertise, and amass experience.

With a team of experienced personnel, always wholeheartedly devoted to work and professional processes, we are certain that Dai Hung Phat's dedicated service will satisfy any customer.

Vision, Mission, Core Values

          In addition, Dai Hung Phat wishes to maintain and develop relationships with customers on the foundation of professional cooperation, trust, and mutual respects.

         + Offer a variety of high-quality agricultural products at competitive prices to assist consumers save costs.

         + Simplified and professional process helps customers save time and resources.

         + Providing world class products and service, accustomed to the quality control system.

         + Regular follow-ups at every stage of the procedure to make sure the work is completed in a rational, time-saving, and productive manner.

         + Constantly innovating and applying contemporary technologies to agriculture supply chain research and development in a professional direction.

         + A team of young, dynamic members who are curious for new technologies in agriculture.

Our Team

With the desire to become a national leader in the provision of agricultural product supply, Dai Hung Phat is acquiring and constantly training talents.

Up to the present, we have nearly 10 years of business insight and development in this field. Our team is well-trained in relevant majors in key universities.

In addition, the members are young and proactive. We are always aware of our responsibility and role in bringing fresh and quality agricultural products to all customers. Our staffs constantly examine the process, update new techniques and technologies in the trading of agricultural products. All in an effort to provide clients with the highest level of satisfaction when using our service.

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