Natural Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nut Standard Grade 1. Size 22mm-25mm và >25mm

Uses “Hot Air Drying” technology to help lock the moisture inside the seeds, making the essential oils, aroma, crispiness and nuttyness of the macadamia to be the highest. The nutritional content meets the standards of the Best Nutrition from macadamia nuts.

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Macadamia nuts have a very high nutritional value in nuts, known as the queen of dried fruits.
The seeds are shaped like a longan with a delicious, crunchy flavor. Not only can be eaten directly, but also can be eaten with many other foods.

Nutritional value

  • Seeds are rich in calories, high in monounsaturated fats (which improve and increase heart health), and vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health.
  • Contains the highest amount of flavonoids in nuts that help lower cholesterol and fight inflammation.
  • Rich in vitamin E Tocotrienols prevent cancer and antioxidant brain diseases.
  • Reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome causing stroke or diabetes.
  • Improve intestinal health, and help lose weight effectively.
  • Beautiful skin, anti-aging
  • Helps develop the brain in the fetus, and strengthen the immune system of mother and baby.

How to use Vietnamese macadamia nuts properly
I have compiled some of the most popular ways to use macadamia nuts today, please refer to it:

The seeds have been dried, so they can be eaten directly.
Use 4-5 seeds after breakfast 30 minutes to help skin smooth, shiny and help stabilize heart, blood pressure, blood sugar ....
You can lightly bake for 1 minute in the microwave with medium heat, it will make the seeds more fleshy, fatter, richer and more crispy, everyone.
You can make macadamia with honey or macadamia milk to use every day, which is both nutritious and full of nutrients but also helps maintain a very useful physique.
In addition, macadamia nuts can also be used to make cakes, chocolate fillings, drinking milk or pressing essential oils for massage, skin care and cooking.

Macca Manufacturing Process
The Vietnamese macadamia nuts are delicious, crispy, sweet, and full of milk, very strong, very Vietnamese. One of the reasons for such a strong flavor is due to the drying method, the drying method used here is “Hot Air Drying”, so it retains the maximum amount of essential oils and aromas as possible but It doesn't get mushy and keeps its crispiness as much as possible.

Here is the Vietnamese macca production process for your reference:

For highland macadamia nuts that do not self-separate, when the fruit is ripe and falling, people will harvest it.
First, leave the peel in the shade for 2 weeks to let it dry completely.
Next, it is put in the oven to dry at a temperature of 40-43 degrees Celsius for 2-3 days.
Now take the seeds out to cool, move on to the inspection stage.
Seeds that meet the standards of aroma, crispiness, fat and density are dried at 70-80 degrees Celsius for 10-20 hours depending on batch, depending on the thickness and size of the seeds.



Expiry date: 12 months.

Certification: TEST REPORT, ISO 22000:2018

Origin in Vietnam

MOQ: 100 kg.

Supply ability: 20 tons/month.

Packing and shipping

Packing: 10kg/PA bag; 2 bags/carton

Shipping time: 30 - 45 days after order confirmed. We always try to ship as soon as possible

Shipping: Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN) , Ho Chi Minh Cat Lai Seaport (VNSGN)

Payment: by L/C at sign irrevocably or by T/T 50% deposit, 50% before ship at Airport HCMC or via Paypal

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Size macadamia nuts are 13mm-17mm và 18mm-23mm, round, brown, very fragrant, soft like butter and melt on the tip of the tongue when put in the mouth.
Macadamia nuts have a very hard outer shell, sometimes making it difficult to use. Products Macca Nuts kernels will help consumers no longer worry about that. The product is processed by traditional methods on modern production lines and has been roasted and cracked, which is very convenient for consumers.

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