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"Explosion" of Vietnamese durian in China
The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) newspaper recently published an article reflecting on the "boom" of Vietnamese durian products in the Chinese market. Accordingly, businessman Bob Wang, leader of TWT Supply China, a man with 8 years of importing durians, said: "If all goes well, I will import more than 3,000 containers, equivalent to 60,000 tons of durians. VN this year to meet the market's demand This is three times my imports from Thailand Last year China imported more than 820,000 tons of durian I am confident the total output durian imported This year's exports will exceed 900,000 tons. I'm still ordering as much durian as I can."

According to the South China Morning Post, durian from Thailand has dominated the Chinese market for many years. Currently, China is opening more doors to similar products from Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. Similar to the comments of Vietnamese traders, Chinese importers believe that the great advantage of Vietnamese durian is good quality, competitive price, short transit time from planting area to consumption market, only takes from 1 to 3 days. To facilitate the import of durian from Vietnam, the local government in Guangxi province has built a logistics service center to facilitate the import process.

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Domestically, unlike many people's initial worries that durian exports will face difficulties when Thailand enters the harvest season, the reality is quite the opposite when a recent report from the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that at the end of the month, 5, at Huu Nghi border gate (Lang Son), the number of vehicles is congested, sometimes up to more than 700 vehicles, most of which are durian products. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has coordinated with the Chinese side to solve the local congestion. Currently, the number of trucks carrying agricultural goods from the southern provinces to China continues to pour into border areas. This shows that the demand of the Chinese market for durian products and Vietnamese agricultural products in general is still very large. This is an opportunity to help businesses and farmers increase their income.

Talking to Thanh Nien, many durian exporters and representatives of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association shared the same opinion: durian export is still very favorable even though Thailand is in the harvest season, the price fluctuates from year to year. about 55,000 - 70,000 VND/kg is the level where all parties from farmers to businesses are profitable. This price is also enough for Vietnamese products to compete and expand the market.

"Besides, the Chinese customs side has just granted additional planting area codes and packing facilities for Vietnamese durians. These are very favorable factors for Vietnamese durians to increase their presence in China. With current growth and favorable conditions being expanded, Vietnamese durian is completely capable of reaching the target of 1 billion USD in the first year that China opens the official durian market," said Dang Phuc Nguyen. , General Secretary of Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, optimistic.

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